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Let's spend 90 minutes together on Friday, 24 June, looking at what lies ahead and behind. What results have we achieved this year?  What do we want to be, do or have next? How will we close the gap?   First, we'll take stock of four aspects of our lives and livelihood:

  • Health - fitness, food, energy, recreation, pleasure 
  • Wealth - financial fitness, revenue, debt-relief, investments, legacy
  • Me - personal growth, creative expression, career development
  • We - relationships, family, friends, business, social

Are these areas of satisfaction and abundance? Or are they ripe for growth? What vision do we hold for ourselves in these areas?  What would we like to be, do or have by the end of September? And beyond?

Then,  we'll go through the creative process of transforming our visions into reality. We'll select the big ideas for this quarter.  What steps will we need to take?  We'll clear away the fog of indecision, drain the sea of overwhelm, and build our confidence through committed action. 

Want to join us? Provide your email HERE to get the worksheets and then, on 24 June, find us on ZOOM.  

P.S. What's so special about June 24? Dance outbreaks! On this day in 1374, there was a sudden outbreak of St. John's Dance, causing people in the streets of Aachen, Germany, to begin to jump and twitch uncontrollably until they collapsed from exhaustion.


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