Just get started!

This week, I'm in Los Angeles with Jeff Walker to connect with other business owners and entrepreneurs and learn how to reach more people I want to serve. I love transatlantic flights - hours and hours of interrupted time for reading and writing.  On the 9-hour flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, I thought about the last quarter of 2016.

What do I want to be, do, and have by year's end?  What adjectives describe those goals?

Amidst the lists and ideas, I included taking care of my health and increasing fitness.  Why? So I can feel better!  I want to feel strong, healthy and confident. 

I will spare you the long story, but over the last several years, I stopped running and cycling and quit lifting heavy things. Sprinkle in some anxiety and depression over losing my job and I went from competing in triathlons and running half marathons to sitting at my desk, feeling guilty for having (yet another) gym membership I wasn't using. (Facebook is giving me flashbacks of all my sports achievements.)

My body has become soft & squishy. It reflects my inactivity. And the discomfort of being overweight and sedentary is one of my "areas of least satisfaction," to quote Life Coach Martha Beck.  So. Sprinkle some magic goal setting.

And voila! I decided I count. I decided to change the story I am telling myself.

I have enough time. My health is as important as my business. I can feel good in my skin again. 

So I started this morning in the hotel gym for 21 minutes (5 laps on the screen) on the dreaded elliptical. Skipping is not an option.  When I finished, I jumped into the deep-end of social media and made a spontaneous Facebook live post HERE encouraging people to just get started!

What small step can you take today to ease the dissatisfaction and increase your confidence? 

 It's not what you know. It's what you do.

It's not what you know. It's what you do.