No joke, it's April 1 already.

I am creating joy in my life. That's this month's habit. Wiring my entrepreneur brain for joy.

In order to launch my international tax law practice, I needed to overcome nearly-paralyzing fear. The fear that every unemployed wage-earner-with-a-kid-in-college->self-employed-will-it-work- start-up->successful-scaling-business owner drinks with her morning coffee.

Last year, when I didn't take a "real" vacation and worked through Christmas and New Year's, I found myself in Michael Gerber's book The E-Myth:  I had an insane boss (me). 

What good is money if you have no time?

What good is time if you have no joy?

When I started my own law practice, I had only 20+ years of public service to draw on. Lots to learn. Now, with a firm foundation and ready to scale, I needed some new skills to tame my insane boss.

I teamed up with Dr. Julie Helmrich for some individual and group coaching on the science of change.

And in January 2018, I joined Dan Sullivan's Strategic Coach program to create a self-managing business and experience the freedoms of entrepreneurship.

My habit for April: Cultivate Daily Moments of Joy.

Don't wait for joy. Let's create it.

Here's some dance music to get you started.   

What brings you JOY? Share in a comment below.